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I have been studying, disecting, repairing, seeking to vitalize , and falling in love with vintage and rare guitars since before I had a drivers liscence. My goals are simple. I want to provide up front and intelligently diagnosed pricing for quality and honest work. I will present options as I see them for your project and make sure your solutions are clear and your goals are met.

For inquirys please email for availability and I will respond within 24 hrs. I can send you any neccesary forms or set up an appointment for service. Booking can be from one week to 4 weeks out at any given time so please inquire. Same day service is rarely available and necessitates a surcharge, but please inquire if needed and I am happy to help if possible.

Intake diagnosis: $25 included with approved work, documented diagnosis work kept on file

Shop Rate: $85 / hour

standard rates

(some guitars require additional cost)

professional set ups $85+strings full diagnosis and documented improvements included and kept on file.

Guitar Cleaning: $25 thick grime removal can be neccesary for repair and take special chemicals and tooling to be done professionally

redress frets $175

refret $350-$450 full diagnosis and recrown of fretboard + install of german nickle, stainless, or evo fretwires. no inlay work included

steamless neck reset $450 most dovetailed or mortised neck joint guitars no extra work included

bolt on neck reset $100

new nut $90 hand fit high grade guaged unbleached cow bone

new saddle $75 hand fit high grade intonated unbleached cow bone

Finish touch up and electrical work are billed hourly with most jobs between $35-175

restorative inlay and finish work are avaiable and priced in advance.



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