why thorell

frank vignola with the original fv


original design

Luthier Ryan Thorell is known for his skilful blends of traditional, organic and modern elements, creating a very natural look and feel that is unique to his archtop and flattop guitars. His Frank Vignola signature model, licensed to Eastman Guitars, is widely heralded as a fresh take on the archtop guitar. Ryans guitars are handmade one at a time, primarily on a custom basis.

ryan thorell with a blonde sweet “e”

ryan thorell with a blonde sweet “e”


I have been hand building a very small number of primarily archtop guitars every year since opening my very own shop in 2003. I made my first guitar a decade previously, starting at the age of 14. Since then my guitars have been purchased and played by some of the world’s best guitarists. My instruments are valued in the Vintage Guitar Price Guide and collected by players and aficionados around the world.

Not only is this my lifelong passion but it is the bread and butter of my family and I take all serious inquiries for my guitars with the upmost of respect and attention. Please look through my instrument galleries and don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am low pressure, and here for the experience and joy of really making something special out of the opportunity of building a guitar for you.